One true thing

12 07 2011

„Now you listen to me because I’m only going to say this once…and I probably shouldn’t say it at all.

There is nothing that you know about your father that I don’t know.

Nothing.And understand better. Okay?    

You make concessions when you’re married a long time…that you don’t believe you’ll make when you’re beginning.

When you’re young, you say, „Oh, I’ll never tolerate…this or that or the other thing.,,

But time goes by, darling.

And when you’ve slept together a thousand nights…and you’ve smelled like spit-up from the babies when they’re sick…

and you’ve seen your body droop and get soft…and some nights you just think, „Oh, God, I’m not gonna put up with it another minute”.

But you wake up in the next morning…and the kitchen smells like coffee…

and the kids have their hair brushed all by themselves…and you look at your husband, and no…he’s not the person you thought he was.

But he’s your life.

And the kids and the house and everything that you do is built around him.

And that’s your life. That’s your history too.

And if you take him out, that’s like cutting his face out of all the pictures.

lt just makes a big hole and it ruins everything.”

(One true thing/Meryl Streep)




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